October 4, 2017

Keeping Up with Your Consumers: Adding Agility to Attitudes & Usage Studies

Multiethnic group of millennials. Left to right: female looking at camera with phone, male looking at table, female looking at phone, male reading book.

Knowing and understanding your target consumers is at the heart of making confident decisions for brand and product strategies. One of the most common ways that teams achieve an understanding of their consumers is through attitudes & usage (A&U) studies. However, with the pace at which consumers’ habits, practices, and needs change today, it is essential you have the capability to conduct these types of studies quicker and more often to keep up.

We’ve applied agile principles to this tried and true methodology and created the Agile A&U™, which is designed to provide you with actionable answers that instill confidence for making those important decisions—at the speed of your business. Whether you are shaping products, experiences, or campaigns, an Agile A&U provides the quantitative validation you need and the speed and frequency at which you need it.

Watch this webinar to

  • Hear what an Agile A&U study is and how it is different from other A&U studies, specifically around speed, cost, and audience specificity
  • Learn best practices and the 4 most common use cases for an Agile A&U
  • Learn how to get the most out of your Agile A&U in terms of asking the right questions and including comprehensive answer sets
  • See a case study that walks through the entire process from study design to analysis and reporting


Sara Logel, Research Strategist, GutCheck
Sara Taggart, Research Strategist, GutCheck

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