January 25, 2016

How a Leading Pet Food Company Used Agile Research to Uncover Consumer Expectations for Pet Food Products

Leading Pet Food Brand case study header image with title text on right an peach graphics on left

The consumer insights team at a leading pet food company was looking to understand more about the expectations pet owners have when shopping for dog and cat food. The team wanted to take a deep dive into overall consumer perceptions, expectations, and opinions around pet food products in terms of product assortment, brands available, and product quality. Within that, they wanted to know which exclusive and/or mainstream brands are expected to be available at different types of pet stores like boutique pet stores, pet superstores, and grocery stores. More specifically, they wanted to understand the level of differentiation between two specific pet superstores: Pet Store X and Pet Store Y.*

*All brands have been masked throughout for privacy purposes.

The objectives of the study included:

  • Explore perceptions and expectations for product assortment in various pet stores including anticipated availability
  • Understand whether Pet Store X or Pet Store Y are differentiated from the consumer point of view