December 21, 2015

How a Major Technology Company Used Agile Research to Prioritize and Refine App Names for German and U.S. Markets

The consumer research team at a major technology company was looking to rename a high-profile app and had a handful of names that were being considered internally; but the team needed the voice of the user to help make a final decision.

The main goal was to find a more interesting name that could strengthen the brand image and clearly communicate the app’s functionality across two major markets: Germany and the U.S. Within that, the team hoped to identify a name that would fit with the brand’s identity, resonate with users in both countries, and drive more traffic overall. The research was split into quant and qual phases:

Quantitative Phases:

  • Evaluate and prioritize each name for the app based on appeal, uniqueness, fit with app, perception of app functionality, and interest in learning more.
  • Evaluate and prioritize each name for the app based on appeal, fit with app, fit with brand, fit with personality, favorite and least favorite name.

Qualitative Phase:

  • Understand the reactions and associations that each name elicits.
  • Gauge which names fit best with the app and uncover any opportunities to refine the names for stronger appeal.