June 2, 2016

How One Major Beauty Brand Avoided a Packaging Misstep Using Agile Market Research

beauty industry agile market research case study

We’ve all heard the old saying, “beauty is only skin deep.” Well, the same goes for packaging: while an aesthetically appealing package may catch a consumer’s eye, it also needs to prove that the product will work for them. And for a beauty product, that means demonstrating its effectiveness to a diverse market of individuals, each with deeply personal feelings about what beauty means to them.

So how do you package cosmetics in a way that makes people feel confident about what they’re buying and about themselves? That’s the question one insights manager for a major beauty brand asked us to help her answer. In order to stay innovative in a cluttered aisle by evoking the emotions and fulfilling the promises that drive consumers to their product, her team needed a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to find winning concepts. 

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