April 23, 2018

Online Apparel Shopper Agile A&U™

Person on computer shopping

In order to understand how brands in a variety of apparel categories can better target and message to different online shoppers, we decided to conduct an Agile Attitudes & Usage™ study. This study focuses on the specific barriers, triggers, and overall shopping experience for different segments of apparel shoppers in the e-commerce space. Results can be used by apparel brands to understand more about online apparel shoppers and determine what tactics they should take to encourage more online purchases with regard to their e-commerce offering—and relative to the different types of online apparel consumers.

Download the full research report to learn

  • What significant differences exist among different types of online shoppers when it comes to their barriers, triggers, and online shopping behavior
  • What specific categories and types of apparel consumers are purchasing online most often, and within that, the types of apparel they’re most comfortable purchasing online
  • What site features retail apparel brands can incorporate to improve their online shopping experience
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