May 21, 2018

PowerClean Creative Refiner™

Image of man filming with a production camera

PowerClean, a new player in the household surface cleaner space, is trying to break through the market with an ad campaign. This specific idea competes directly with the leaders via a satirical problem-solution strategy grounded in fear of germs. In order to make sure the concept is ready for production, PowerClean wanted to test it among their target audience. Using a Creative Refiner™, PowerClean hoped to gather targeted consumer feedback to identify key areas for refinement. Specifically, they needed to understand if brand equities and key messages shine through, and if not, how they can refine the concept in order to ensure they do.

Download the full report to see

  • Reactions to the ad, including impressions and understanding of the main message
  • How well the ad is communicating key messages based on message interpretations and key-takeaways
  • How the ad impacts impressions of the PowerClean brand and the likelihood for consumers to consider PowerClean in the future
  • Any red flags or opportunities for optimizations within the ad
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