June 28, 2016

Save the Planet or Save Some Money? Energy Customers Say They Want Both

Energy Consumers

In order to better understand consumers’ attitudes about energy, we launched an Instant Research Group* and chose a target audience of male and female respondents spanning incomes and ages, who at least share responsibility for the energy bill. Our qualitative research was guided by the following objectives:

  • Understand customers’ energy usage, tracking, and motivations to reduce consumption
  • Explore customers’ knowledge of and attitudes toward solar energy and related renewable concepts
  • Explore customers’ awareness of and feelings toward their energy provider in general, as well as specific programs for reducing consumption or adopting renewables
  • Uncover ways an energy provider can enable or incentivize customers to track their energy consumption and embrace positive behaviors and programs

*An Instant Research Group is an online qualitative research method where respondents interact with each other while answering open-ended questions and follow-ups posted by a trained moderator.