September 24, 2015

Shopper Insights: 2.0—Leveraging Agile Research for Rapid Shopper Insights

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The dramatic growth in shopper research, spurred in part by innovations in the area of mobile data collection, is a huge shift in the market research landscape. Connecting with shoppers to understand why they make their decisions and how to influence those decisions can have a huge impact on the success of categories and brands. Getting this information in near real-time and in the shopper’s context using agile research takes that impact one step further by turning shopper insights into a major competitive advantage.

Join our experts on agile shopper insights to gain an understanding of how to leverage quick shopper reads to gain the insights advantage that enable growth in sales and market share. Mike Twitty, Owner at First Light Insight and former Shopper Insights leader at Unilever, and Ann Koerner, VP of Product at GutCheck, will take you through the application of agile research to shopper insights, including case studies, and how it can impact sales tactics and shopper marketing.

Join this complimentary webinar to learn how:

  • Agile tools and methodologies are changing the way shopper insights are discovered in a timely manner to drive decisions and optimize shopping experiences
  • Quick reads along the path-to-purchase process can help answer those urgent questions or help explain a shopper hypothesis
  • Real client examples of leveraging agile shopper insights to present recommendations to their retail partners and internal teams.


Michael Twitty Owner First Light Insight
Michael Twitty is a recognized thought leader in Shopper Insight and a market research professional with more than 25 years of experience in CPG marketing. Mike built Unilever’s SI capability and as Director of Shopper Insight for Unilever, Americas, he guided the US business to its top-tier performance in the Kantar Retail Power Ranking for Shopper/Customer Insight. He is the author of Unilever’s landmark research on food shopping in America, “Trip Management: The Next Big Thing” and several other nationally recognized research reports on shopping. Mike is the owner of a shopper insight consulting firm, First Light Insight, where he works with clients to help them optimize their shopper strategies and achieve competitive advantage through the use of shopper insight.

Ann Koerner VP of Product GutCheck
Ann is a huge fan of consumer feedback. As a product manager, she loves being surrounded by consumer insights and building the next generation of GutCheck’s technology platform for consumers and researchers. Ann previously worked at Qualvu, MapQuest and AOL.