May 27, 2016

How Suja Used Agile Research to Assess the Risk of Updating Their Product Branding

Suja Market research example

Suja, an organic beverage company, was looking to update the packaging for their number-one revenue driver. This was a big decision with a lot of visibility across the organization. They needed to know if the new packaging was going to perform at least as well as, if not better, than the current packaging in order to make a go/no-go decision. With their product’s peak season right around the corner, Suja turned to GutCheck to assess the risk of updating the product packaging.

Watch this Webinar to

  • Find out how the Suja team leveraged an agile research solution to get quantitative and qualitative feedback to assess the risk of rebranding a leading product.
  • Hear why an agile, full-service solution was the right decision for Suja based on their team’s needs.
  • See the benefits of agile research and understand when and how it can be used as part of your research process.


Bella Tumini, Brand Manager, Suja
Bella is Suja’s Brand Manager and has been with the company since the very beginning. As a former collegiate tennis athlete who struggled with dietary restrictions, she shares a deep passion for fitness, health and nutrition. Bella is extremely excited about the coming wave of Social Entrepreneurship and is honored to be working with a company that she feels is “taking steps to better the health of our community, while also working towards creating a positive change in this world.”

Matt Warta, CEO and Co-Founder, GutCheck
Over the past 15 years, Matt has been a mainstay in the entrepreneurial community co-founding two companies and funding dozens of others. Prior to GutCheck, he was a General Partner with Village Ventures growing the firm’s investments from $100M to $750M. He also co-founded and led business development for CyberCrop, which pioneered online trading of agricultural commodities. As a member of Koch Ventures, Matt led several investments that either went public or were acquired.