June 26, 2017

Supporting Growth Through Innovation in a Zero-Based Budgeting World

Person Selecting Innovation Button

The dynamic nature of the marketing and marketing research worlds mean people are tasked with staying innovative in order to grow their business. But, with shrinking budgets and short timelines, people are being asked to do more with less. The market research industry can support these challenges, but it requires research and insights professionals to be surgical about the methods they employ,  including understanding the trade-offs that need to be made with each of the three foundational research methods: traditional, do-it-yourself (DIY), and agile.

Join our panelists as they discuss:

  • The trade-offs between research methods, specifically speed, quality, and affordability, and how agile can be applied to traditional methods
  • The big data movement and the impact it has on consumers
  • How machine learning will be applied to survey data and big data to increase the impact of your current research efforts


Matt Warta, CEO, GutCheck
Renee Smith, Chief Research Officer, GutCheck
Keith Johnson, Chief Product Officer, GutCheck
Matt Lucas, Senior Product Manager, GutCheck

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