July 23, 2015

Test. Optimize. Repeat. Succeed. That’s One Popular Razor Brand’s Motto.

Popular razor brand case study header image with title text on right with gray graphics on left

Earlier in 2014, a major women’s razor brand wanted to understand how their targeted consumer was viewing current offerings at a leading membership-only warehouse retailer. They wanted to gain insights into the consumer mindset around the price and value of their offerings at this specific retailer. Additionally, they wanted to explore new ideas such as a new SKU at the retailer, offering higher quantity packages, and potentially leveraging other owned beauty brands to drive additional shaving traffic.

Ultimately, the research would allow the razor brand to learn more about warehouse shoppers and how it can influence purchasing behaviors within the category. Specific research objectives included:

  1. Uncover key decision points and motivators among warehouse club shoppers who have purchased razors at the retailer
  2. Evaluate five product concepts for the retailer based on key metrics
  3. Explore barriers to purchasing razors among non-razor purchasing shoppers