December 16, 2015

Tips for Successful Online International Research in Brazil, China, India, Japan, and Russia

Country Flags

Online research capabilities have greatly influenced and changed the way companies are now able to conduct international research. What was once an expensive, time-consuming, complicated process can now be executed in days, thanks to online agile research methodologies.

Over the past year, we have talked about how to reach international consumers in fast, affordable ways, the value in-country research adds, and the overall growth of international markets. But the most important piece of the international research puzzle is figuring out cultural nuances and understanding how they can affect respondent engagement, the overall interpretation of questions, and the results. Failure to pay careful attention to cultural nuances opens the door for misinterpretation of results. If the insights aren’t a proper representation of your international target audience, you run the risk of wasting part or all of your budget, as well as your time.

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