April 10, 2018

Using Data to Bridge Strategy & Activation in an Agile Way

GutCheck Using data to bridge strategy and Activation in an agile way

Within 2 years, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a survey that’s not augmented or appended with big data.

The explosive growth in the volumes of data available to us today is a powerful tool if you have the resources to harness it. By combining survey research with 3rd party data, a brand can augment their proprietary content with the attributes in a data management platform (DMP) to intelligently profile their unique consumer segments across billions of data points.

Watch this webinar to see how this connected data approach is an agile solution delivering unique audience intelligence that bridges the gap between marketing strategy and media planning and activation resulting in improved marketing ROI. 

Learn how these truly unique insights

  • Identify the best opportunities for market growth
  • Provide a full picture of target consumers
  • Tell brands how to effectively tailor messages to consumers and target them based on attributes like media consumption, lifestyles, and other behavioral data


Matt Warta, CEO, GutCheck

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