GutCheck Constellation®

Think Smarter. Act Faster. Make a Bigger Impact.

An agile big data solution that provides tangible results and unique audience intelligence at the speed of business.

Our research solution connects survey data with big data so you can make big data actionable in a meaningful way and quickly address modern business problems using insights powered by billions of consumer profiles.

Understand consumers even better

Our big data analysis reveals patterns, trends, and associations that help us understand consumers better than we have at any other point in history.

We fuse proven primary research methodologies and diverse big data attributes to provide a deeper, big-picture view of consumers that translates directly to your activation strategy and data.

Take action & drive results

Our all-in-one, complete research solution delivers high-value insights for a fraction of the cost of more traditional, piecemeal approaches.

We help you take action and drive results with our focused reports that include suggestions on how to practically reach, engage, and activate your target audience.

Make an impact on your business

We have a core focus on the accuracy of both survey and big data. As such, our methodology ensures decision-grade data and results, so the insights you apply can make your activities and strategies that much more effective.

Unique audience intelligence

The union of survey data and big data produces an even more complete view of consumers and provides the connective tissue between research and results. By combining the why, what, who, and how to truly bring your consumers to life, we can also tell you where and when to best reach them.

We make big data easy, accurate, and trustworthy

We leverage proven and rigorous survey methodologies that ensure we collect the right primary data from your audience and accurately connect it with vetted third-party data, using only what’s relevant to you and your business. Our team of data scientists, researchers, and audience intelligence experts have created a data validation process, which up-levels the veracity of big data by

Removing biases, abnormalities, & errors

Filling in gaps or missing info

Connecting multiple data sources

Standardizing data for cross-functional use

“These insights gave us a deeper understanding of each core consumer persona. The depth of information captured and the ability to leverage big data were extremely helpful and allowed us to better understand the messaging our consumers are interested in.”

Make your brand more relevant and keep up with evolving consumers

Holistic Audience Views

Deeply profile your most lucrative consumer segments to enable more profitable activation.

More Effective Messaging

Activate your key audiences using insights that provide prescriptive recommendations to inform messaging and creative development.

Market Analysis

Understand brand loyalty and the dynamics of your category among its consumers to execute on your best opportunities for growth.

Product Innovation

Know which consumers represent your early adopter audiences and how to reach them to ensure in-market success for your new products.

Your Most Efficient Target Audience:
Why It Matters

Seeing a fuller picture of your target consumers not only allows you to understand them at a much deeper level, but also gives you unique audience intelligence that can result in improved marketing ROI and media buying performance.

Using GutCheck Constellation, a major CPG brand identified a new target audience to go after that was

more efficient

than the previous audience they were targeting

They also found a large number of switchers available in the market and identified two primary brands to position against—leveraging messaging recommendations from the study results—to capture the most switchers from competitors.

More agility & support

As your partner, we’re focused on your business objectives. And we know that just delivering the data isn’t enough. Our full-service team provides research insights that highlight the steps you need to take to reach and engage your highest-value consumers.

Clients who take advantage of this fast solution will be able to

Ask Fewer Questions

by using existing big data

Do More

in an affordable, scalable way

Drive Business Decisions

with big-picture understanding

See how you can exponentially increase your knowledge of consumer behavior using our GutCheck Constellation service

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