Understanding Your Consumers' Mindset During COVID-19

Move Forward Quickly With Confidence


Gain the confidence to build the right productswith the right message for the right peopleto reach your audience with relevance.

Agile Audience Intelligence

Human Expertise & Full-Service Approach

Contextualizing Insights

Automation & Technology

Delivering Speed & Cost Efficiency

Tried & True, Proven Methodologies

Quantitative, Qualitative, & Behavioral

Agile Audience Intelligence

Because we’re rooted in both technology and human research expertise, we can deliver powerful, cohesive narratives to help inform confident decisions at any stage in the development process.


Speed and rigor enabled by technology and automation


Key differentiating features, characteristics, and attributes about your target consumer


Contextualized insights that address your strategic business initiatives

“In innovation there is a lot of failure, and I’ve had a lot of products I’ve really believed in never make it to market. We were able to take our concept from literally the seed of an idea all the way through each phase to get to this level of success.”

Make Confident, Value-Creating Decisions in an Agile Way

Let our team of research experts and complete solutions provide you with a technology-enabled, focused report that gives you depth and dimension in understanding your audience.

Explore & Strategize

Find the right problems to solve for the right audiences to achieve your business goals.

  • Identify market trends and whitespace opportunities

  • Profit from competitive and categorybuying dynamics

  • Capitalize on audiences with unmet needs

Develop & Refine

Create, develop, and refine products that best deliver on what your unique consumers need and want.

  • Center decisions on the audience most likely to buy your product
  • Develop and refine consumer-first ideas or concepts based on demand and appeal
  • Embed audience feedback into packaging, pricing, positioning, etc.

Promote & Communicate

Reach your buyers with relevance, inspiring them to take action.

  • Appeal to your audience’s unique “buy + why”
  • Use the best channels, tactics, messaging, and creative
  • Spur purchase and adoption

Measure & Track

Understand what is driving purchase and brand satisfaction to increase trial and repeat purchase.

  • Identify key opportunities for growth to increase trial and repeat purchase
  • Inform action plans for key marketing and product development initiatives
  • Determine drivers of brand satisfaction


Make Confident Decisions at Every Stage of the Development Process

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