We Are the Pioneers of Agile Market Research

Our Vision

Creating heroes by providing our clients with actionable answers to make confident, value-creating decisions in an agile way.

Our Mission

GutCheck was founded on the reality that brands need to be agile to succeed in a dynamic market, and that traditional research firms and DIY tools have failed to deliver. That’s why the world’s leading brands trust GutCheck to uncover and action their optimal audience by combining the rigor and speed required to gain a competitive advantage.

What We Value

We spend every day nurturing our unique GASI (Give a Sh** Index) culture. Being GASI is simply about showing up every day, and giving it your all. The 5 values (T.E.E.I.T.) that comprise GASI define the attitudes and behaviors that exist when we are leaning into that vision.

Team Player

Our successes are defined by how we address challenges and opportunities together.

Educated Opinion

We develop and share opinions that are based on an action-oriented balance (the 40/70 rule) of facts and analysis.

Economic Thinking

We create value for our customers and each other by being solutions-oriented.

Intellectual Honesty

We are egoless when searching for the best idea and empowered to take calculated risks.

Trust & Respect

We always assume positive intent. Trust is the foundation of teamwork.


We Made It Onto the 2019 GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List

We were also recognized as an innovator in the additional categories of

Data & Analytics

Full Service & Field Service


GutCheck ranked #1 in the use of unique market research methods and in effective use of technology among the qualitative research segment


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