Explore and Strategize

If you don’t put in the effort to truly understand everything about your audience, you’re really just taking a blind shot in the dark. Why leave so much up to chance?

Through our Explore suite of solutions, GutCheck helps our clients take a more strategic and informed approach. We’ll work with you to determine key target audiences, build accurate target user/consumer profiles, identify market opportunities and competitive landscapes, discover unmet needs, and optimize product innovation. And we do it with the speed and rigor you’d expect from a global market research leader.

NEW! Innovation Illuminator

Identify true breakthrough innovation opportunities by exploring in-context, decision-driving emotions to uncover unmet and under-met needs. 

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Audience Illuminator

Bringing Immediate Actionability To Persona Development through Enriched Audience Understanding

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Unmet Needs Assessment

Listen to Audience Needs and Uncover Your Next Growth Opportunity

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Identification and Profiling

Target Your Audience with Confidence

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Category Exploration

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Brand Strategy and Product Innovation

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Exploratory Research Group

Gather Qualitative Audience Insights More Efficiently Than Ever Before

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Agile Attitudes & Usage

Tailor Products and Strategies to Pressing Target User Needs

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