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About Us


Our Core Internal Values


At GutCheck, engagement is our passion. We love our people—both employees and customers—and always put them first. For our customers, we are dedicated to helping them connect with their consumers so they can make confident decisions that move their businesses forward. Internally, we spend every day nurturing our unique GASI (Give a Sh*t Index) culture, which allows us to scale and maintain our growth as a company, and in turn better support our clients to enable their success.

Who Works at GutCheck?

GASI Background


The concept of GASI was delivered to CEO Matt Warta by his father when he was 16, at a time when he needed some direction after a tough semester in high school. As a partner and the head of the recruitment committee for his law firm, his father placed considerable emphasis on the temperament of a person during the interview process, no matter their level. The Give a Sh*t Index was his informal measure for how the candidate fared on the character meter. And over the last 40+ years, the law firm where he still works today has grown into the largest one in Kansas, with GASI being a big part of that.

Around here, we have 5 values (T.E.E.I.T.) that comprise GASI and define the behaviors that exist when we are leaning into that vision.    

Put simply, GASI is about showing up every day and giving it your all in the pursuit of making heroes out of our customers. Here is a closer look at the 5 values:

Team Player (T) – Our successes are defined by how we address challenges and opportunities together.

Educated Opinion (E) – We develop and share opinions that are based on an action-oriented balance of facts and analysis.

Economic Thinking (E) – We create value for our customers and each other by being solutions-oriented.

Intellectual Honesty (I) – We are egoless when searching for the best idea and empowered to take calculated risks.

Trust and Respect (T) – We always assume positive intent. Trust is the foundation of teamwork.


Our Benefits

At GutCheck, we want to make sure our team is healthy, happy, and well taken care of. In an effort to do just that, we offer all of our regular full-timers the following summary of benefits and perks:

  • Generous paid time off, 2 paid volunteer days per year, and unlimited sick time
  • Parking pass or public transportation reimbursement
  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Equity
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • 401K
  • New computers