How a Yogurt Brand Determined Just the Right Flavor Assortment

greek yogurt in a bowl

Differentiating yourself from the competition and ensuring you have the right product line offering is a challenging process. Recently, Good For All, a healthy food brand, hit the market with a new Greek yogurt offering. While they started with 4 specific flavors, feedback from consumers showed they weren’t competitive enough. Additionally, two of their top retailers requested to have at least one unique flavor exclusive to their store. As a result, we recommended testing their current and potential flavors to identify the strongest flavor combinations they could offer to maximize their consumer reach across their retailer channels.

The Research

In order to determine how many and which new flavors Good For All should offer for their retailer-exclusive lines, we utilized a Line Optimizer™ study, leveraging TURF and tradeoff analysis.

The researched focused on determining how many flavors Good For All should offer before they see incremental reach plateau, if they should replace any of their current flavors with new ones, and what flavors they should offer for their retailer-exclusive lines in the mass and natural grocer space. The study encompassed the following objectives:

  1. Through tradeoff analysis, prioritize combinations of 4 flavors based on purchase intent
  2. Understand the relative strength of each Greek yogurt flavor based on the following three diagnostic metrics: frequency, uniqueness, and power to replace

The Results

Keeping with a 4-flavor line-up is optimal for a strong potential reach among consumers for both the mass and natural grocery channels.

three images of line optimizer charts

Adding an additional one or two flavors wouldn’t attribute a significant increase in the potential reach of this product assortment. As a result, maintaining a total of 4 flavors is recommended for the optimal potential reach.

One of the flavors currently offered in the product line provides the best opportunity for retail-specific flavors.

In order to appeal to more Greek yogurt shoppers in the mass and natural grocer space, Good For All can replace one of their current flavors with two differentiated flavors specific to channel. This will ensure each type of shopper has an option they prefer based on where they shop.

To learn more about our Line Optimizer™ methodology and what four specific flavors of Greek yogurt would provide the most optimal reach in mass and natural grocery stores, download the full report. You’ll also learn

  • Which flavors are consumed most frequently and seen as highly unique
  • Which flavors were selected best or worst most often
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