Pets of GutCheck 2018

May 1, 2018

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, oh my! We’ve previously shared the dogs and cats of GutCheck, but since then, our family of GutCheckers has grown. As a result, we wanted to highlight more of our furry—and even feathery—family members. So because our pet parents can’t help but brag, we’d like to share our favorite little family members with you, in another inaugural pets of GutCheck post. We hope they bring some light to your day in the same way they do for ours every day!

Description of brown cat named Dexter

Description of white cat named Aces

Description of brown dog named Craig

Description of black cat named Berloiz

Description of brown dog named Heathrow

Description of yellow and green parrot named Pikachu

Description of white bunny named AlbusDescription of black bunny named DarwinDescription of black cat named Dreeblesdescription of black and white hamster named Crumbles

Description of red beta fish named FurgesonDescription of black and white dog named JubileeDescription of brown cat named ElphabaDescription of a black and a brown dog named Riley and ZiggyDescription of white cat named Acesdescription of dog named OssaDescription of brown dog named WalterDescription of black dog named BodhiDescription of white cat named LolaDescription of brown dog named RhubarbDescription of black dog named Lord Dudley

Description of white dog named CodyDescription of 2 sugar gliders named Carl and Mose

Description of black beta fish named Shiny

Interested in being a GutChecker and having your pet featured next year? You could join our team as a researcher, engineer, or product and marketing professional. Check out our careers page and you’ll also see some of the perks we offer here at GutCheck.

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© 2019 GutCheck is a registered trademark of Brainyak, Inc. All rights reserved.