What Market Research Can Learn from Marketers: GRIT Commentary 2016

Earlier this month, the spring GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report from GreenBook was released, and we here at GutCheck couldn’t be more excited. The report is an in-depth analysis of the latest trends and methods in market research, and features actionable implications and exciting predictions for what the future of our industry holds. And besides being moved up four spots since December 2015 to #14 on the list of Most Innovative Suppliers in Market Research, GutCheck is proud that CEO Matt Warta was asked to offer his own insightful commentary on the changing landscape of advertising.

Market researchers are no strangers to big data, but not nearly to the extent of their advertising counterparts. While much of the methodology leveraged in marketing research was developed in the age when network TV ruled, advertisers have evolved alongside the media industry, mining customer insights from massive digital inventories. So why are their practices relevant to researchers? As Matt explains,

The marketers who are investing their $600B in an increasingly targeted way will force the marketing research industry to leverage methodologies and sampling techniques—consistent with the marketer’s modern approaches.

In order to stay modern, market research will have to adapt to the fast-paced big data game that the ad industry is already playing. And GutCheck is hard at work making such strides, partnering with innovative companies to provide the qualitative research that tells the story behind otherwise inscrutable quantitative data, creating “a truly holistic view of the consumer.”

Click below to read the full commentary and to learn how agile research methodologies are spurring market research into the digital age.

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